Casey Deussen Surgery Fund

Casey Deussen Surgery Fund

“In Casey’s world, not only is she the constant companion for Tom, her owner, she is also his Service Dog in Training. Aged just three years old, this lovely American Staffordshire Terrier is attending classes with Tom at White Mountain College for Pets, based in Plymouth New Hampshire.

She’s a ‘dog with a job. ’ Her day involves stewardship of her owner, Tom, who is a disabled Veteran living in Moultonborough here in the Granite State. She picks items up for Tom, assists him getting in and out of chairs, reminds him to take medication and provides an unfailing, calming, supportive and gentle presence 24 hours a day.

About six months ago Casey tore her right cruciate ligament. Her trainer at College for Pets thought it best for Casey to take a break from training giving her body time to mend and recuperate. Having recovered her right knee, Casey has torn the cruciate ligament in her left knee, a common occurrence with such cases; she’d been compensating for the right leg for some time. Veterinary care will be upwards of $4000 including surgical intervention, antibiotic therapy, post operative follow up care. Sadly Tom cannot afford this, but he also cannot afford to be without Casey’s support.

For now this strong, stalwart canine receives pain medication only, but surgical repair is really what is needed in order for her to continue her work and training to help Tom.

Tom has given years of service to his country; can we now assist Casey as she gives service to her owner?”

Help with Casey’s Surgery