Class and Activity Schedule

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Group Classes
  • July 23 – Canine Fitness Basics: 5:30pm 5 wks
  • September 12 – Come When Called, Every Time: 9:00am 5wks
  • January 2 – Foundation Obedience: 9:00am 8 wks
  • January 2 – Foundation Obedience: 10:30am 8 wks
  • January 27 – Foundation Obedience: 10:00am 8 wks

8 Week Classes: $550

5 Week Classes: $400

Gold Collar VIP Club Membership: $2,200

The Right Start Puppy Program

Our Comprehensive 16 Week Puppy Training and Development Program.

  • Module 1 – Exposure and development
  • Module 2 – Lifestyle skills, manners and self control exercises
  • Module 3 – Social skills and communication development
  • Bonus – Tools to help with chewing and teething.

Your puppy can begin Module 1 any Sunday at 9:00am.To enroll, Contact us or call us at 603-536-4219

Read more about this incredible 16 week group training program here.

Puppies must be between 8 weeks – 12 weeks at the start of the FIRST Preschool session.

Group Activities

COVID-19 Has Dramatically Reduced Our Group Activities. Contact Us for Information

  • Saturday 9/12, 9:30am. Self-Guided** Mount Prospect, Holderness NH hike.

**No Charge for Self-Guided Group Hikes Unless Noted. A Map and Description Will be Provided.

What is…?

Slobber Shine: 30 minute, supervised group opportunity for the student to practice whatever skill they wish with their dog. No teaching takes place at Slobber Shine.

Game Time: A variety of games involving your dog as the main player. The week’s game choice will vary at random.

Grey Rocks Walk & Hebron Marsh: A group walk along the nature trails at Grey Rocks Natural Area or Hebron Marsh in Hebron NH.  Both are  is a flat, easy walks.

Self-Guided Mount Prospect Hike: A group hike along that ends in an impressive view of Squam Lake and mountains.  This is a moderately difficult hike with uneven footing. College for Pets provides a map and details for this hike, but it is a self guided.

Quincy Bog Walk: A group walk along the nature trail at Quincy Bog Natural Area in Rumney NH.  This trail has some inclines and rocky areas.

Old Hill Village Walk: A leisurely walk along the old Main Street of the former Hill, NH town location. Hill was moved when the Franklin Falls Dam was built.

Town Treasure Hunt: You and your dog follow riddles to find discs hidden around Plymouth. The person with the most discs at the end of the hunt wins a prize.

Snouting: An exercise for your dog’s nose. Read more about Snouting here.

Enrichment Item Build: A hands on workshop where you will build an enrichment toy for your dog. Tools and supplies are provided. There is an additional $10 charge for this event.

Obstacle Course: A challenging, fun workout out for your dog over differing obstacles that test thinking and physical prowess.

Hide and Seek: An exercise for your dog’s nose. They may need to find you. Or treats. Or Toys. Or who knows what else…

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