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Our Dog Training Promise
Training your dog is an enjoyable experience with College for Pets. We work closely with you from start to finish to make sure that you and your new partner kindle the best relationship possible.


Choose from 5 options
Dog Playgroup
  • Your dog learns how to socialize with people and other dogs.
  • Relieves boredom.
  • Provides opportunities for the exercise needed by healthy dogs.
  • It’s fun for owners too!
  • Offered Sundays at 10 am and 11:15 am
Cost: $15 per Dog
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Is your dog shy and apprehensive around people and other dogs? We call this the “country curse.” Often dogs that live away from other people and animals need help socializing.

Each Sunday we bring  non-aggressive dogs together for an hour of supervised play. Owners come, too! Our Dog Sports & Fun Programs are perfect for socialization and exercise.

We have group on Sunday 10-11 & 11:15-12:15 for dogs 20 lbs and up.

Please enroll ahead of time.

A “Play Card” is available, which offers one free playgroup for every 5 purchased playgroups. Ask the playgroup pupfessor about purchasing your card.

All dogs need to provide proof of current Rabies, Distemper Combination and Canine Cough vaccinations. A current application of flea preventative (Frontline, etc) is also required.

Trick Training
  • Teach your dog over a dozen fun tricks.
  • Stimulate and challenge them beyond simple obedience.
  • Bond with your dog in a whole new way.
  • Our gentle coaching method encourages learning.
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Trick training is a fun and exciting way to bond with your dog. The limits of skills your dog can learn is restricted only by the time and energy you’re willing to spend!

Tricks are not just fun and games (although they are really, really fun), but educational for both you and your dog. Trick training often involves many detailed steps; far more challenging than simple obedience skills.

Tricks to Teach Your Dog:

  • Shake Paw
  • Roll Over
  • Play Dead
  • Sit Pretty
  • Say Prayers
  • Wave
  • Take a Bow
  • Stop – Drop – Roll
  • Speak
  • Read Written Words
  • Retrieve Soda from the Fridge
  • Turn a Light On/Off
  • And More!
Dog Sports – Agility
  • Stimulate your dog.
  • Agility training is both fun and healthy.
  • Learn obstacle instruction and motivation techniques.
  • Three levels of Agility training for your dog.
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Our “Fun Agility” class is perfect for the person looking for a fun and healthy way to spend time with their dog.

In addition to obstacle instruction, you will learn techniques to effectively motivate your dog. Participating in Dog Sports is a good way to stimulate your canine.

We offer three levels of Fun Agility to cater to all skill levels: from beginner fun to the aspiring competitor.

The only prerequisite for our beginner agility class is some degree of control of your dog.

dog scent training
Dog Sports – Scent Skills
  • Teach your dog how to locate missing items.
  • Train them for service work such as search and rescue.
  • Show them how to find money!
  • Our gentle training methods encourage your pet to “perform.”
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Scientists estimate that a dog’s nose is up to 10 million times more sensitive than a human’s. Harnessing this amazing natural feature of the dog; humans have trained dogs to sniff out bombs, drugs and even diseases. Search and rescue groups use dogs to locate missing children and adults.

You can teach your dog to perform many of those “working” tasks, as well as:

  • Locate your car keys
  • Find the TV remote
  • Find a child
  • Play hide-n-seek
  • Alert you to illegal/dangerous substances
  • Find money
Dog Sports – Antler Hunting
  • Spend time outdoors with your dog.
  • Earn some extra money with your dog’s new hobby.
  • Teach your dog scent skills.
Cost: $450
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Shed Hunting is perfect for the person looking for a fun way to spend time outdoors with their dog.

Antlers that seasonally fall from deer and moose are called “sheds.” Sheds have a distinctive odor that your dog can be taught to target on and locate.  While a super fun hobby, shed hunting can also be profitable as there is a growing interest from craft market in antler creations.

Course includes:

  • 4 Private Training Lessons
  • Shed Antler Decoy
  • Shed Scent Stick
Our Private Dog Training Programs
  • The Good Dog
    • 3 Private Training Lessons
    • 2 Playgroups
    • Clicker, Treat Bag, and Reward Pack

    For all in-home lessons add $135
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  • The Great Dog
    • 4 Private Training Lessons
    • 1 Private In-Home Lesson or 1.5 Hour Private Lesson
    • 3 Playgroups or 1 Day Training Visit
    • Clicker, Treat Bag, and Reward Pack
    • Lifetime Email Support

    For all in-home lessons add $150
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  • Distance Training
    • 3 Distance Training Sessions
      via Zoom, Video or Email
    • Downloadable Training Guide
    • Clicker, Treat Bag, and Reward Pack

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Dog Sports & Playgroups Questions and Answers
Can any dog be trained in scent skills?

Scientists estimate that a dog’s nose is up to 10 million times more sensitive than a human’s. All dogs possess a keen sense of smell, they just need to know how to use it. Our gentle training methods teach them practical skills that make both dogs and owners happy.

Are owners allowed to attend the playgroup with their dog?

Our playgroups are meant to include both the dog and owner. It’s the perfect opportunity for your dog to socialize with both people and animals.

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