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Plymouth Dog Park and Activity Area

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Plymouth, NH

Why is the Dog Park not Free?

Unlike many public dog parks, the land, fencing, equipment and upkeep was not donated. White Mountain College for Pets purchased the property and pays for the upkeep.

Your membership to the dog park? provides numerous benefits:

  1. Healthy dogs due to vaccination and worming requirements
  2. Regular upkeep of the grounds
  3. Free training workshops and event access
  4. Screening for aggressive behavior
  5. A convenient location
  6. Personal safety via surveillance cameras
  7. Access year-round


What is an Activity Area

In addition to providing a large fenced off leash play area, we are building exercise structures for dogs.

Agility obstacles, climbing items, tunnels and dog yoga sites will be added in phases.

A walking path will also surround the perimeter of the park, including a serene wooded meditation area.

When Will The Dog Park and Activity Area Open?

We are in the planning stages, check this page for updates.