Training your Dog During Covid-19

Solutions to save your sanity

Keep Your Dog Mentally and Physically Healthy

The Center for Disease Control is recommending keep a minimum 6 foot distance from other individuals. Being in close contact with groups of people is strongly discouraged and, in some places, prohibited. Dogs can’t contract COVID-19 and can be in close contact with other dogs.

Dogs still need training, physical activity, mental enrichment and social exposure to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

White Mountain College for Pets has the answer.

Fusion Group Classes

Our Fusion Group Classes can fit into easily into your schedule. Fusion classes are not easy, you must make time to train and complete the required course work.

However, the flexibility of the fusion format provides an ideal platform for transformational change in your dog. Over the past year, College for Pets has been successfully using the Fusion Class format with many students that live large distances from our physical classroom.

  • You interact with classmates and the Pupfessor via our private online meeting area. This makes it possible to ask questions and receive feedback without being in close physical contact a group of people.
  • Your weekly “group” class meets through web conference. During this class, your Pupfessor will review the training video homework that had been submitted from all the students during the previous week and provide instruction for the upcoming week’s homework.
  • Your weekly training homework is video recorded and uploaded to the private online meeting area. The recording and uploading of your work is essential to the success of these classes.
  • You have 24/7 access to hours of detailed training lessons. These lessons may be viewed and reviewed  as often as needed.
  • Select, in-person group sessions are part of these classes. We provide you with balanced learning by including safe, in-person group sessions. We design these outdoor sessions to maintain a healthy distance between students while still providing the benefits of training near people and dogs.  You will enjoy at least two in-person sessions.

3 Week Training Camp

We designed the 3 Week Foundation Training Camp as a smart alternative option to our 8 week Foundation Group Class.

Professional daily training for your dog. No frustration from trying to schedule time each day to train your dog.

Your dog’s adventure begins with an enriching and productive three-week stay at our pet training camp chock full of benefits:

  • Time around other dogs. A huge benefit that your dog just can’t get while stuck at home.
  • We are changing behaviors while you work on more important things.
  • Off site field trips to practice skills in the real world and enjoy new sights and sounds.
  • Safety. Your dog receives top level training, and you can stay safely at home.
  • Aftercare. Upon your dog returning home, your Pupfessor stays in close contact while you continue to work with your dog.
  • Most importantly, the future with your dog so much closer to what you’ve imagined.

We would love to learn more about you and your dog.

Call us at 603-396-4738 or complete the form and we will call you.

No pressure.

If after our conversation we feel our program will be a good fit for you, great!  If not, we will tell you.

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“We now have a safer home, a safer and happier dog, and we are much more knowledgeable owners with the confidence to continue training on our own, and Mike is only an email away.” – Alexandria Disney